Week of May 17, 2013

Delphiniums, Camassia leichtlinii 'Blue Danube' , Digitalis purpurea 'Camelot White' and the burgundy Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' grow in the newly created Swimming Pool Border.

Photo by Lisa Roper

Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation, Purple Tulips ('Negrita' and 'Rem's Favourite' and grape-vine wrapped arches in Cut Flower Garden.

Photo by Lisa Roper

A Tree Peony blooms beneath a rooster pillar at The Gravel Circle.

Photo by Lisa Roper

A Chanticleer Terrace seating area is surrounded by lavish container plantings.

Photo by Doug Croft

A View past The Sporobolus Meadow to The Round Pond.

Photo by Lisa Roper

Orange and Yellow Iceland Poppies, Purple Mustard and sweeps of Geum and Diascia mingle in The Teacup Garden.

Photo by Lisa Roper

Camassia leichtlinii'Blue Danube' in full bloom near The Creek.

Photo by Lisa Roper

Wisteria floribunda 'Shiro Noda' drapes from The Pond Arbor.

Photo by Lisa Roper

Disporum longistylum 'Night Heron' emerges with purple foliage before flowering in The Asian Woods.

Photo by Lisa Roper

Tulipa 'Florette', a multi flowering Tulip catches the evening light in The Entry Garden.

Photo by Lisa Roper

Centaurea montana, The Mountain Bluet, in The Tennis Court Garden.

Photo by Lisa Roper

Rheum palmatum var. tanguticum, The Ornamental Rhubarb flowers at 6 feet tall in the Tennis Court Garden.

Photo by Lisa Roper

A variety of Alliums and Camassia leichtlinii 'Blue Danube' frame a view of the stairs in The Tennis Court Garden.

Photo by Lisa Roper

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