Week of July 20, 2012


Containers on a shady patio, including Asplenium nidus, The Bird's Nest Fern, in the rear, Begonia (unidentified cultivar) by the left, and Anthurium 'Quilted Hearts' by the right.

Photo by Lisa Roper
Cut Flower Garden

Alcea rugosa, Russian hollyhock, shines in the Cut Flower Garden.

Photo by Doug Croft
Mixed Border

In this border, hardy plants with tropical effects glow in the morning sun, including red Canna 'Australia', green Manihot grahmanii, white flower spikes of Acanthus 'Summer Beauty', and in the back, Musa xishuangbannaensis 'Mekong Giant'.

Photo by Lisa Roper
Ananas D'Amerique A Chair Verte

'Ananas D'Amerique A Chair Verte' melon weaves its way through 'Temptation' bicolor corn.

Photo by Doug Croft
Lunch Lady Gourd

A tendril of 'Lunch Lady' Gourd winds it's way along The Vegetable Garden fence.

Photo by Lisa Roper
The Chanticleer House

Pink seed heads of Melinus nerviglumis 'Savannah' arch over Agave attenuata in The Chanticleer House Garden.

Photo by Lisa Roper
Juglans nigra

Early morning light streaming through Juglans nigra, a Black Walnut tree in the Picnic area.

Photo by Lisa Roper
Liatris aspera

Liatris aspera opens in The Gravel Garden.

Photo by Lisa Roper
new Gravel Garden

A stone path winds its way up through the new Gravel Garden.

Photo by Lisa Roper
Echinacea sp.

Echinacea sp. and Hydrangea paniculata emerge from a field of Sporobolus on the path to The Ruin Garden.

Photo by Lisa Roper
Eagle Pass Okra

'Eagle Pass' Okra, a member of the mallow family, flowers and fruits in the vegetable garden.

Photo by Doug Croft
Lilium 'Sixth Sense'

Lilium 'Sixth Sense' blooms in The Tennis Court Garden as early morning sun illuminates the seed heads of Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster'.

Photo by Lisa Roper
Lobelia cardinalis

Lobelia cardinalis, our native cardinal flower, on fire in a bed of Sporobolus heterolepis, or Prairie Dropseed.

Photo by Lisa Roper
Ruellia humilis

Ruellia humilis, or Wild Petunia, a native plant, in The Winter Shrub Border.

Photo by Lisa Roper

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