Highlights in the Garden
Week Ending October 30, 2009

Nandina domestica
The Tennis Court Garden

Lindera obtusiloba
The Asian Woods

Acer palmatum ssp. amoenum
The Apple House
Cotinus 'Grace'
The Serpentine

Viburnum setigerum and Parrotia persica
The Entrance Drive and Long Border

Aronia arbutifolia
The Pond Garden

Magnolia denudata
The Ruin and Gravel Garden

'Bright Lights' Swiss Chard
The Kitchen Courtyard

Stewartia pseudocamillea
The Pond Arbor

"Big Brother Has His Eyes On The Beets
Even Though When Last Seen
He was Counting Sheep On Yelapa Beach"

Beta vulgaris
'Touchstone Gold'
The Vegetable Garden