Week of August 27, 2010

Monarch Larvae

Larvae of Monarch butterfly hangs out ( perhaps ready to pupate) on Callirhoe involucrata.

Photo by Laurel Voran
Oenothera fremontii

Oenothera fremontii 'Shimmer' in the gravel garden.

Photo by Laurel Voran
Cleome serrulata

Self-sowing annual, Cleome serrulata thrives in the dry, gritty soil of the gravel garden.

Photo by Laurel Voran
Matelea obliqua

Matelea obliqua (climbing milkvine) being pampered at the Potting Shed. Considered an endangered species in the state of Pennsylvania.

Photo by Doug Croft

Caladium leaves after a rain on the Chanticleer overlook.

Photo by Lisa Roper
Stone Furniture

Stone furniture and living carpet in a shady spot outside the ruin.

Photo by Laurel Voran
>Erin McKeon

Erin McKeon, an intern, rakes the paths in the Asian Woods.

Photo by Lisa Roper
Tragopogon porrifolius

Tragopogon porrifolius (salsify or oyster plant) flowering in the Vegetable Garden..

Photo by Doug Croft

The Serpentine explodes with Helianthus 'Autumn Beauty', a multi branched Sunflower.

Photo by Lisa Roper
Angelica gigas

Sedum 'African Sunset' spills out from the silver foliage of Geranium harveyi in a trough at the gravel garden.

Photo by Laurel Voran

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