Photography at Chanticleer


Wedding / Family photography by professional photographers is not allowed in the garden.
We ask garden photographers to sign a Photography Guidelines and Tripod Use form which can be accessed below or given to you upon arrival at the Entrance Desk.

Photography Guidelines and Tripod Use Permission Form

Photography Guidelines and Tripod Use

Chanticleer appreciates your interest in photographing the garden. We restrict the use of any photography / photos / images / video and film footage taken at Chanticleer to editorial purposes only. We request all images be labeled naming Chanticleer as the location. If the image is digitally captured, Chanticleer should be included in the metadata as the location. Photography / photos / images / video and film footage taken or captured at Chanticleer may not be used for advertising, commercial use, or services. Any exceptions require advance written permission from the Executive Director.

We ask you abide by the following guidelines while on the property:

1. Set up tripods on lawns or terraces, not in the garden beds, and allow for movement around you.
2. Follow the requests of gardeners and other Chanticleer staff
3. Respect the wishes of other guests
4. Leave the garden as you found it

Opening Times

Wednesday - Sunday

10am - 5pm

Friday Evenings

Open until 8pm.
Due to limited parking, we cannot accommodate groups on Friday evenings.

Full Parking Lot

Our parking lot holds 120 cars and can fill on weekends and Friday evenings. Please car pool and understand once we reach capacity, we will ask you to return another time.

Early Openings in 2017

The garden will open at 8:00am on
July 1st, August 5th,
September 2nd, and October 7th. .

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